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Here in New Path Home Health Care, we always put high priority on our patient’s wellness and safety. We understand how seniors, those who are recovering, or those diagnosed with disability need support and assistance even in the simplest personal and home-making tasks.

That is why we offer exceptional personal care to these patients so they can maintain physical wellness, ensure safety, experience comfort, and be properly cared for even outside of a hospital or nursing facility. Our home health care fulfills the expectations of these patients for better, dignified, and independent lives in the loving and warm environment of their own households.

Since we also foster patient independence and empowerment, we encourage them to accomplish light tasks on their own or with our support. Of course, safety is our foremost priority so we make sure that we do not stretch them out of what is physically possible or tolerable for them.

Our personal care service includes the following:

  • Assistance in getting out of bed
  • Support in walking around
  • Bathing and continence care
  • Grooming and dressing up
  • Planning and preparation of meals
  • Reminder for medication
  • Washing and organizing of clothes and linens
  • Homemaking
  • Managing correspondences
  • Chaperoning to check-ups and personal appointments
  • Pet and garden care

It is our desire to provide you with all your personal and domestic needs so for a more comprehensive discussion on your requirements, we encourage you to set an appointment with us today by calling 877-332-9003.