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New Path Home Health Care provides home care assistance for every need and situation. For patients who have been brought down by old age and illness, we offer bed-bound care for their particular, unique, and sensitive needs.

We understand how bed-bound patients can easily contract diseases so we make sure that they are set in a clean and sanitized environment, and provided with the most proper personal, nutritional, and medical care that they require. Our care providers make sure that patients are well-attended to in terms of:

  • Proper nutrition and hydration. We make sure that patients are given the sufficient amount and the right kind of nutrition they need through the food we cook and prepare for them. We also ensure that they get enough fluids to avoid dehydration and other complications.
  • Proper hygiene. Care providers shall perform all necessary tasks to keep the patient clean and safe from bacterial infections by providing them proper cleansing and grooming everyday and as needed.
  • Management of symptoms and complications. We provide assistance in managing symptoms and in avoiding complications by following the physician’s instructions and taking notes of important occurrences that may be beneficial for case monitoring.
  • Performing light exercises. Our care providers have been trained on how to perform simple motion exercise for the bed-bound patient’s legs and arms to avoid venous damage or blood clotting.
  • Companionship. Aside from physical assistance, our care providers also provide emotional support to patients who have been confined in their rooms. We provide fellowship by listening or talking to them, reading them stories, and simply being there for them when everyone else is out.

Should you have a case that you would want us to handle, do call us today at 877-332-9003. We will be more than willing to attend to your needs and provide the support and assistance that you or your patient requires.